View My Invoice Billing Platform

Public sector organisations are finding themselves able to offer new services to an ever expanding client base

The development of VOIP and Cloud based telephony allows organisations to now become the ‘Service Provider’ bringing many benefits including:Allocate call costs to departments effectively

  • A unified telephony approach Standardisation of available services Central management
  • Lower implementation and maintenance costs
  • Volume calling discounts/free on-net calls
  • Flexible subscriber based commitments

The benefits are obvious, however, with any provision of service some important questions need to be asked. ​

  • How are we going to charge for the services offered?
  • Do we have the resource to operate the billing service? 
  • What rates will we charge the clients? 
  • What information do we need to provide to our clients about their usage?

Tiger Communications can help. For many years our customers have utilised the billing and forensic reporting capabilities within our product suite to integrate into financial platforms, generate service rental fees, uplift telephone call charges using flexible rate definitions and process credits and adjustments.

Tiger’s ‘View My Invoice’ billing platform features include:

  • consolidate any type of charge into a single bill – telephone, mobile, conferencing, connectivity 
  • configurable billing periods (in advance/arrears) 
  • one-offs, credits and adjustments 
  • telephone calls including mark-ups
  • client web portal for invoice interrogation
  • secure multi-user access control
  • flexible call charging tariffs 
  • report outputs to PDF, CSV 
  • integration to financial systems
  • forensic reporting to analyse system performance and offer value added services such as real-time reporting