View My Calls and Personal Call Manager

Empowers the end user to access their personal telephony information. This is especially useful if the handset has limited support for dialled, missed and received call logs and allows the user to control their own usage


Tiger Personal Call Manager (PCM) offers businesses a user friendly tool to recharge users for their private calls, thus complying with VAT legislation and reducing telephony call spend.

  • ‘Single Sign On’
  • Empower your users to take responsibility for their own calls
  • Users can view and manage their own call activity, quickly and efficiently
  • Personal phone book for storage of private numbers
  • Corporate phone book providing called/calling number identification
  • Users can export the current list of calls to CSV, or printer, to keep for reference
  • Integration to financial systems for automated employee recharge
  • Automated reminders for key system events via email

Why the Tiger VMC Solution?

  • Users can quickly report within a designated time window for any extensions or mobile devices they are responsible for
  • Empower your users to take responsibility for their own calls
  • The user can filter the call data using the column headers to find individual, or groups of, calls
  • Offers dialled, recived and missed call logs independant of telephone handset
  • Calls made to numbers within the user's address book are automatically suggested for charge back. Each user has the opportunity to amend and accept the automatic suggestions prior to the billing period being closed by the administrator

Why the Tiger PCM Solution?

  • Tagging of personal SMS for recharging
  • Comply with VAT legislation restricting claim back on personal calls
  • Tiger PCM will enforce the company’s private usage policy, reduce non-business call spend
  • Increase staff productivity. Reporting analysis tools will continuously monitor the billing and user adherence to company policy
  • Tiger PCM Individual Address Book will contain all numbers previously identified as personal, enabling any subsequent occurrence to immediately be marked as personal
  • Through direct integration to HR/Payroll systems, recovery of private call spend can be achieved with minimum personnelinvolvement and administration

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