Mobile Bill Import

The Tiger 2020 Pro reporting tool will, as standard, monitor and provide analysis of all extension activity from any monitored PBX


To enable an organisation to fully analyse their telecoms activity and expenditure, Tiger now offer the ability to incorporate mobile call activity into the Tiger system. Data may be imported from CD or electronic file and is available to users alongside typical extension activity.

Tiger 2020 Pro features for Bill Import

  • Allocate call costs to departments effectively
  • Identify cost savings by highlighting out of hours calls, calls to non-business numbers including premium rate destinations
  • Identify high spend and high usage areas of the company
  • Assess alternative carrier costs, leading to potential cost savings
  • Help prepare for your next negotiations, calling circles, offices, etc
  • Create dialled number lookups to identify the destinations

Information available

All data, as provided by the mobile vendor, will be available for analysis within the standard Tiger reporting suite. This typically includes the following fields as a minimum:

  • Mobile number
  • Date of call
  • Time of call
  • Number dialled
  • Duration of call
  • Cost as dictated by mobile vendor

What Do I Have To Do?

Very little! Tiger will set up everything. If the data is on an FTP site it will be collected and processed just like a remote site. If it is on CD you will need to put the CD in or copy the files to a specified location and click a shortcut on the desktop.